The play's the thing
Heather Sanderson serves up tea
weekday afternoons on MPT.
Heather Sanderson as Amelia Tilford, in
The Children's Hour at Theater on the
Run, Arlington
Why Shakespeare?
All StagePlay students are introduced to the life, times and stories of William Shakespeare. Understanding
Shakespeare exposes the student to a new culture, broadens horizons and, because the Bard created over 3000
words, helps provide an understanding of the English language and its roots.
Students who learn
Shakespeare from an early age, not only acquire the confidence that goes with achievement,
but also enjoy increased skills as readers, writers, speakers, listeners and actors.

Why the "play"?
Research shows that play has a crucial role in the learning and development of children. During play, children can
relax and, under the protection of play, can expose emotions with a feeling of safety. Group play provides the rich
experience youngsters need to learn social skills, become sensitive to other's needs and to learn the rules for
getting along. All of which lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. For older children, play provides an outlet
through which they may convey emotions they are unwilling to share verbally.
HeatHeather Sanderson
serves up Shakespeare!
Romeo & Juliet
LTA Showcase 2015
Heather Sanderson studied with some of
the world's finest teachers at RADA in
London.  Prior to moving to Alexandria, she
acted extensively in the San Francisco Bay
Area.  As "Miss Heather" she is known
locally for instilling a love of Shakespeare
into the hearts of children.  Heather's
StagePlay troupes have performed
Shakespeare both here and in the U.K. and
her privately coached monologue students
have performed at the Shakespeare
Theatre, the Ford Theatre, and numerous
community and children's theatres in the
area.   Heather may be familiar to fans of
British television programs through her
With Heather
segments on Maryland Public
Afternoon Tea.